Why sponsor a digital summit in a nutshell?

Why is Busworld the perfect platform for you?

"It is high time for the industry to meet again. Since it is not possible to organise live business events, Busworld offers you a platform where you, as a sponsor, can meet potential customers, show them your products and participate actively to a knowledge sharing programme. After all, better a digital sales lead than no sales lead, right? Let's join forces!"
Vincent Dewaele, CEO, Busworld International

THE BIG QUESTION: Is it the same as a live exhibition?

Digital handshake

Yes, the same result.

You can generate sales leads like on a live trade show:

  • meet with potential buyers - from chat to video call
  • show your (new) products - video / pictures / brochures
  • get a speaking slot in 1 of the online sessions (but you have to decide quickly)
  • broadcast your product video or video message as part of the summit program
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No, it's a different set-up.

Of course a face to face event will always be better to showcase your products and willl be more fun to engage with the audience (we agree!), BUT as an alternative this event can surely give you the sales leads you need to grow your business.

Better a digital sales lead, than no sales lead at all!

Busworld North America Digital Summit

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