Busworld North America Conference

Transit Bus, Motorcoach and School Bus Topics at Busworld North America Conference

10 November 2022

As with all Busworld events around the world there will be a Busworld Conference aside from the Busworld North America exhibition. From 5 till 7 February 2023 numerous speakers from industry leading companies will take the floor and bring you insights, knowledge, experiences on various topics for both the transit bus, motorcoach and school bus segment.

On day 1 & 2 the topics that will be touched can be covered under the umbrella of digitalization of the bus and motorcoach industry. With the support of our partner Endava we'll take a look at:

  • Lessons learned from aviation
  • Infotainment & ancililary revenue
  • Connectivity & IoT for improved operatoins & ridership
  • The role of the whole industry in MaaS
  • Ticketing & frictionless payments

These sessions will be brought to you by speakers from American Airlines, NY City Metropolitan Area, Detroit DoT, ADASTEC, Endava, among others.

At the end of day 2 and the whole of day 3 the focus will be shifter towards zero emission. For these sessions we've got the support of CTE, organizer of the ZEB Conferences in the US.

We'll end day 2 by taking a look at what today's zero emision options are for 250+ miles applications in our industry. What's the best technology and what about the required infrastructure? On the last day of the Busworld Conference we'll be kicking off with a session on 'Fleet Operator & Utility Providers: Models for Collaboration'. Collaboration with many new players in the field is a must. We'll take a look at what best practises are.

Raising energy bills drive operators into smart energy management of their operations, especially when electric vehicles are being deployed it becomes a must in order to remain competitive. During this 1 hour session you'll learn how to keep your energy costs under control. The Busworld Conference will be closed by tackling the new risks that electric and hydrogen vehicles come with. What about insurance, safety and (required) depot adaptations?

Lancer Insurance, MCI, Sunline Transit are just 3 of the names that we'll be giving you the valuable input.




Please take note that the conference takes place Sunday, February 5 - Tuesday, February 7. The exhibition occurs Saturday, February 4 - Monday, February 6. This staggered schedule will allow for participation by attendees and exhibitors.

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