3 content streams at the Busworld Digital Summit

Program is getting into the final shape for Busworld North America Digital Summit

30 April 2021

Just a little more than 1 month before we kick off the first Busworld Digital Summit in North America. Time to take a look at what and who's new in the program! Several topics in our 3 content streams, Zero Emission - Digitalization - Post-Covid Relaunch, will be touched over the various sessions.

Why these 3 content streams?

  • POST-COVID: signals in the market show that the relaunch of the bus and motorcoach business is starting
  • DIGITALIZATION can help your business in this big relaunch to thrive again
  • The switch to ZERO EMISSION for transit bus and school bus is high on the agenda of President Biden, the time to accelerate is now


Sessions and speakers you can't miss:

Wednesday, 2 June

Top executive panel of the North American bus & motorcoach manufacturers (POST-COVID)

  • Roman Cornell, President / CCO at ABC Companies
  • Patrick Duan, Vice President of Operations at BYD North America
  • Brent Maitland, Vice President Private Sector Sales and Marketing at MCI
  • Francois Tremblay, General Manager at Prevost & Volvo Bus North America

Electrification of the school bus fleet (ZERO EMISSION)

  • Curt Macysyn, Executive Director at National School Transportation Association
  • Todd Watkins, Transportation Director at Maryland's Montgomery County Public Schools

Preventive anti-virus measures (POST-COVID)

  • David Rolls, Global Product Manager at Eberspächer
  • Scott Bogren, Executive Director at Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA)


Thursday, 3 June

How to facilitate the implementation of electric buses in your fleet? (ZERO EMISSION)

  • Steven Meersman, Founder & Director at Zenobe Energy

How to increase the occupancy rate in buses and motorcoaches? (POST-COVID & DIGITALIZATION)

  • Kevin Foreman, General Manager North America at Optibus
  • Stan Schmal, Senior Manager Data Analytics & AI at Lufthansa Industry Solutions


Friday, 4 June

The implementation of electric buses in transit fleets - testimonial New York MTA and Seattle King County Metro (ZERO EMISSION)

  • Craig Cipriano, Senior Vice President at NYCT dept. of buses
  • Danny Iloiui, Zero Emission Fleet Manager at King County Metro (Seattle)

The role of bus and motorcoach in a multimodal mobility world (DIGITALIZATION)

  • Paul Comfort, Executive Director at North American Transit Alliance
  • Julie Timm, CEO at GRTC Transit System


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