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The new Flagship: Prevost Next-Generation H3-45

20 January 2023

During the 2023 UMA EXPO in Orlando, Florida, Prevost introduced its all new H3-45 coach. The redesigned H3-45 is the new flagship of the subsidiary of Volvo Buses. The new coach features a series of engineering advances that deliver improved fuel efficiency, an enhanced driver experience, and comfort for passengers.

Prevost H3-45 2

The H3-45 made its public debut at the UMA Motorcoach Expo as part of a year-long introduction of the updated coach. The coach’s new aerodynamic shape makes it up to 12% more fuel efficient, according to the press release. Another advantage is less soil dispersion, resulting in better mirror visibility for the driver and an overall cleaner exterior. The aerodynamics also produces a smoother ride and significantly reduces noise — 50% quieter in the driver area - advances that make driving the H3-45 easier and more comfortable. The H3-45 features an intuitive dash featuring a full-color digital and analog instrument cluster and push-button start. A new HVAC system is on board that’s 20% more powerful but is quieter.

“The H3-45 is our flagship and has for the past two decades set the standard in the industry,” said Prevost president Francois Tremblay. “We’ve re-engineered all aspects of the coach in order to create a best-in-class vehicle that is an obvious standout. The interior, which has been completely redesigned, was inspired by the automobile and aerospace industries. Everything we executed on the H3-45 we did with the user experience in mind.” For passengers, the host of amenities and safety features include a redesigned, larger entrance and wider stairs. Also the interior has 50% more lighting thanks to a

new window layout which delivers better sightlines and views. The new lighting system is all LED. Prevost has a network with OEM-owned service centers and more than 160 service providers throughout North America. Following UMA, the H3-45 will hit the road for a monthslong debut tour visiting the RV SuperShow in Tampa, IMG Maintenance & Safety Forum in Detroit, ABA Marketplace & BusWorld in Detroit, Motorhome Expo in West Palm Beach, Florida, Chauffeur Driven Show in Las Vegas and OTE in Toronto. For more information visit